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Spearhead your company’s growth with the latest and greatest in technology.

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Trusted by over 300 companies in Singapore and regionally.
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Robust Solutions

We curate scalable and quality solutions by understand our clients’ needs.

Enchanting service

Customer service is the first and foremost in every successful business.

Gearing you up for success

Nothing makes us happier than doing our job – to gear your business up for success, and beyond.

Enabling digitalisation & digitisation with bespoke services.

This is where great things happen – On a beautifully designed website. A website is not just a website. It tells a story. Your website acts as a mouthpiece for your company on the internet.

A website does many things. It acts as a catalogue for your business and tells the world about what you do. Leveraging the powers of Digital Marketing such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social media marketing, you can work wonders by driving in qualified traffic, increasing conversions.

Website Design E-Commerce Web Design

Custom Development enables you to do many things. It allows you to materialise ideas. From a form that allows users to register for an event, to a complex MNC Human Resource Management System – nothing is impossible.

Solve a problem, automate an otherwise mundane process or store scalable data. Deploy it via a web application, or an installable software.

Web Application Development Custom Applications
Mobile App Development

Almost everybody living in this day and age has access to a smartphone. Bring your ideas closer to your audiences with a Mobile Application. We develop and deploy your App on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Web Scraping

It is no secret that data equals money in modern society. Web scraping enables you to automatically extract data from any website online with speed and precision.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing leverages digital channels such as Social Media and Search Engines to connect with potential customers.

Mobile App Development Web Scraping Digital Marketing

Introducing our CTO-as-a-service model.

Technology is no longer a tool that supports your company. It is in fact, your business.

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Cost Effective
Cost Effective
Hiring a full-time Chief Technology Officer (CTO), is both time-consuming and expensive.
Experienced team
With more than a decade in the tech industry, our team of consultants and developers will accelerate your business to success with the help of technology.
Focus on running your business
Focus on running your business
Do what you do best, running the business. Leave the tech stuff to us.
Clients are satisfied with us

We are part of you
We are part of you
We work alongside your company, understanding how it works inside-out. When you succeed, we succeed too. We are you.

Compared to hiring an in-house CTO.

A Trusted
Digital Transformation Consulting company.

Established with a purpose – To make an impact on businesses by integrating technologies into companies.

Enchant Pte Ltd (stylised as was established in 2019. From a humble beginning, it now has an extensive network of clientele ranging from Small Businesses to multinational agencies, to Governmental Agencies.

Its mission was simple. To fill in a gap that many businesses have – To digitise and digitalise. Our speciality is in helping Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore stay relevant, increase efficiency and maximise profits.

Helpful and always there when we have questions. I have engaged them to help me with all of my businesses IT needs. Always adding value to their services.

Director, Sticker Mart
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