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How to migrate emails from cPanel to cPanel

Step 1: Login to your cPanel

Login to your cPanel with the credentials provided to you by your host.

To access the cPanel, simply enter your domain name and add the suffix /cpanel to the back of the domain.  Eg.

Step 2: Click on File Manager

After logging into your cPanel, you will be brought to the dashboard. Inside, you should see the File Manager. Click on it.

A popup will appear like the one below. Ensure that you clicked on the “Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)”. And check the “Home Directory” checkbox before clicking on “Go”.

Step 3: Locate and download the etc folder

After File Manager is launched, you will be brought to the home directory. An example is shown below.

You should locate the “etc” folder. Click on it and you will be brought to that directory.

On the topbar, locate and click on the “Select all” button.

Next, click on the compress button

This is the etc folder. On the topbar, you should find the Select All button
Click on the compress button to save it as a zip file

The compress screen will pop up. Check on “Zip Archive to save it as a zip file” rename the zip file to whatever you want. We recommend you replace it as

The directory name should be /mail/ after the rename.

Next, click on the “Compress File(s)” button

Finally, double click on the newly created zip file, save it to somewhere prominent on your computer as we will be accessing it later.


* Do note that the directory name does not necessarily have to follow the same structure as the one mentioned above, due to the difference in cPanel configuration. However, it should look similar.

Step 4: Locate and download the mail folder

Go back to the home directory and locate the “mail” directory. It should look like the one shown below. Click on it to enter that directory.

Next, click on the select all button to select all of the items that you would like to compress. Click on the compress button and rename it to your preference and select the zip option. Finally, click on the compress button.

Once the compression is done, double click on the new zip file to download it to your computer.

Great. Now that you have the full backup, you can proceed to port the contents over to the new cPanel.

Before we proceed..


If you are reading this now, it means you have already downloaded two different zip files, which are backed up from the mail and etc folder respectively.

Step 5: Upload the files to the new cPanel

Navigate to the etc folder of your new cPanel or destination cPanel.

Click on the upload button located on the top area. The button is shown below.

If the directory is not empty, select all the files and click on the delete button on the top bar or simply right-clicking over the selected items.

You will be brought to another page to upload your files. You may either drag & drop it or click on the button to manually select the zip file.

Once the progress of the file upload reaches 100% (the upload bar turns green), you may exit this upload page and return to the file explorer.

The uploaded zip file will appear.

Right click on the zip file and click on extract.

Step 6: Upload the backup to mail

Now that you have restored the backup for the etc folder, do the same for the mail folder too. Instead of the etc’s zip, restore the backup for mail’s zip file.


Now you have successfully ported your email accounts and all the emails.

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