How does Email Marketing benefit your business?

How does Email Marketing benefit your business?

… and why you should probably use it for your business now.

1. Email Marketing is widely used

No doubt its affordability, email marketing is used by startups to even major Multinational Corporations (MNCs). There are many methods of email marketing, notably email blasting and email newsletter marketing.

Email Blasting

To put it simply, an email blast is basically an act where you mass-send emails to many recipients. It is a great way to generate cold leads via a database, or to promote a new service or product to your email database of old and existing clients.

Email blasting can be very effective, or it can also be very dangerous as your emails may be marked as spam. If you are uncertain, always seek professional advice or you may contact us for a free consultation.

Newsletter Marketing

Newsletter marketing is a great way to ensure that your customers or clients becomes a recurring or repeat customer, rather than purchasing your products or services once, and never again. This form of email marketing is widely used in Ecommerce businesses to promote a new product or a upcoming promotion.

2. Email Marketing is affordable

Affordability does not always come with efficacy. But for email marketing, it does. The cost involved for email marketing is breaked-up into these points:

  • Creation of email content
  • Purchasing database of emails
  • Analysing the campaign

Just these three easy steps to a successful campaign. For ad-hoc email blast, this process only happens once, and you should see results almost immediately after sending the emails. If you already have an existing database, then you can completely eliminate the second step, saving you much of the cost.

3. It is very effective

Let’s imagine a conservative scenario, company X purchase 1 million email leads to promote their new product, costing $1000. Out of that 1 million email leads, 5% clicks on the CTA (Call to action), and out of that 5%, another 5% converts and makes an enquiry. if we assume that everyone converts into a customer, that is a whopping $2,500,000 in sales (2,500 X $1,000). Of course, we’re being very conservative with our figures. The actual campaigns might vary in terms of the results.

4. Send directed emails

Many think that email blasting is spam. Yes, it might be spam if it’s not done right. By using a professional email marketing software, you will be able to send directed emails, addressing your reader.

Research has shown that by simply addressing your readers personally in emails, the chances of them taking your emails seriously is higher than without directly addressing them.

By using a good email marketing system, you will be given the availability to do so, improving your chances of someone converting into a possible lead.

Below is an example of a non-directed email vs a directed email.

A non-directed email.
A non-directed email.
A directed email.
A directed email.

As you can see from the screenshots above, most people would bother reading the email directed at them, rather than the non-directed email, which is ignored as it is “insincere” and and looks like spam.

5. Measurable results

After every campaign, most email marketing software allows you to view the results and statistics of the email blast. This data allows you to view information such as:

  • Read Receipts (See who opened your email)
  • Time of open
  • Bounce rate (How many emails are not sent to the receiver)
  • Conversion rate
  • Click-through rate
  • The device used to view email
  • Unsubscribe rate (Who unsubscribed to your emails)

Using the data collected at the end of a campaign, we are able to study the efficacy of it. This can be used to fine tune future campaigns.

6. Captivate your audience with a beautiful email

There are two types of emails. HTML-based and text-based. The former allows you to customise your emails, making it look like a website. Add layouts, fonts, images and colours. We compare a standard text-based email to an HTML email below.

An example of a HTML based email.
HTML email
An example of a text-based email
Text-based email example
An example of a text-based email
Text-based email example

Of course, there may be many opinions and as to which type of email would be better, it really depends on the type of campaign and the needs of our client. To put it simply, there is no good or bad, just preference.

In conclusion…

It’s time to ditch the traditional way of “blasting” emails such as using Outlook, Gmail and other email clients. Switching to an email marketing software would make your work much easier. Not only would it be easier, you will be able to perform the above points, improving the conversion rate.

Improper blasting could lead to your domain or email going to the spam folder of emails, a risk that you should not take.

Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can help you with your blasting campaign!

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