New job openings here at Enchant!

New job openings here at Enchant!


It is almost the end of 2019 where we reflect on how fast our company grew in just about a year. We hope to usher in the brand new year with new talents in our company to help further accelerate our company into excellence, by providing our clients with better service and superior quality. Here at Enchant, we strive for excellence and to self-improvement.

We are thrilled to announce three full-time job openings, three intern positions and two part-time positions at our company.

  • Project Manager
  • Web Designer & Developer
  • Digital Marketing Engineer

On top of our full-time job openings, we are also on the lookout for interns from local Polytechnics, ITE and also capable A-Level Graduates. The openings are:

  • Web Designer & Developer
  • Content Writer
  • Graphic Designer

Are you a freelancer? Or interested to work part-time at our company? Here are the openings for you.

  • Digital Marketing Engineer
  • Content Writer

We will break down the responsibilities of the various positions below. But before that, we will highlight the perks of working at Enchant.

Perks of working at Enchant

  • 4-day office week – TGIF! Fridays are often the most looked-forward day of working professionals as it is usually the last working day in a week for many. But in Enchant, we give our colleagues more reasons to look forward to the highly anticipated day. Research and experience have shown that by working at home, productivity is usually always at its highest as you get to choose what time to start work and that you can take a breather whenever you want.
  • Wear anything you want – Yes, when we say that we mean it. You get to choose your outfit. Be it in Bermudas, slippers, you name it, you wear it. Of course, this will not apply when you have a meeting with clients. We do set our standards high when working with clients.
  • Fully stocked pantry – Our pantry is always stocked up with high-quality beverages and snacks. There are plenty of cup noodles, crackers and of course, drinks to go around.
  • Transport allowance – Transport fees are getting increasingly expensive in Singapore. We’ve got you covered. A budget is given to all Enchant employees on a monthly basis for their transport needs.
  • Friendly and versatile team – Say goodbye to corporate hierarchy and office politics. We do not believe in that. Everyone in our team has a say, and of course, equal opportunities to succeed in their careers. Not to mention, we are all close friends. Beyond office hours, we will still hang out. We work in a cooperative environment where discussion and productive debates happen frequently, which leads me to the next point.
  • Open office concept – No walls, partitions, and rooms. We encourage open discussions and cooperation. That is why our office employs an open concept where everyone sits near each other without boundaries. You don’t even have to walk over to your colleague, you can do so by simply calling them from across the table.
  • Need more reasons why to join us? Book a time with us, let’s have a chat.

Positions at Enchant

Project Managers

Project Managers at Enchant will oversee most of the operations and management of our team. You will work closely with clients, to understand their needs and requirements. You will then lead discussions and meetings with our team to cook up the best solution to address and fulfill our client’s needs. Project Managers handle the communications and management aspects of each and every project.


  • 3 years of development experience
  • Experience project management
  • Outspoken friendly attitude
  • Good command in English Language and Mandarin.
  • Singaporean/PR
  • No education requirements

Web Designers & Developer

At Enchant, we are a team of versatile people. That being said, we believe that every member must be competent in both design and development aspects. You must have an eye for design, logical thinking to whip up the best business logic for backend implementation and database design.


  • 1-2 years of experience
  • Singaporean/PR
  • No education requirements
  • Knowledge in full-stack development:
    • HTML, CSS, JS
    • Python, Node.js, PHP, and C# (Either 3).
    • Front-end frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue (Not a requirement but will be a plus point).
    • Back-end frameworks such as Laravel, Express, .NET core.
    • Content Management Systems such as WordPress, OpenCart, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, etc.

Digital Marketing Engineer

You will help our clients improve their traffic and conversion rate, to skyrocket their business. Digital Marketing Engineers work on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing Projects.


  • Strong command in English, with basic or proficient copywriting skills.
  • Deep knowledge of SEO and able to keep up with trends
  • Intermediate knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Basic or intermediate knowledge of backend programming
  • Content Management System knowledge

Graphic Designers

You will be whipping up eye-catching designs for our clients. You will be tasked with working on EDMs, Wireframes, logo designs and other collateral designs.


  • Intermediate Experience in both Photoshop and Illustrator
  • A good portfolio
  • Design workflow knowledge
  • No educational requirements

Content Writers

Content writers work closely with Developers and Digital Marketing Engineers to create written content for our clients.


  • Advance command in English
  • A good portfolio
  • Basic copywriting skills
  • No educational requirements

Interview process

Tell us the position of your choice and a basic introduction of yourself. A call or message can be scheduled where we will know more about you, and you can find out more about working at Enchant. We will then schedule a meeting.

During the meeting, tell us more about yourself and how you think we can help each other. Tell us what you have done before. We will present you with a problem, and you will show us you will solve it. There is no right or wrong, we just want to see how you tackle each problem.

We will notify each applicant on the status after the process.

Do you think you got what it takes to join us? If so, feel free to drop us a message and we will chat soon!

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