Cheap Web Design – Why you should avoid them.

Cheap Web Design – Why you should avoid them.

We all love the word cheap. It saves us money which could be spent on your next getaway or your new watch. In the business world, the word “cheap” does not necessarily mean it brings you great value and quality. In this article, we uncover 5 reasons why you should avoid cheap Web Design.

1. Scams

First and foremost, most “agencies” or freelancers advertising their cheap services might just turn out to be a total scam. Having worked with many clients who encountered such situations, we heard their stories which may seem unbelievable.

In one instance, our client paid a total of $700 to what seemed like a cheap web designer. After payment, the web designer was slow with his replies where he dragged the deadline repeatedly over five months and then disappeared without a trace.

Not only did the client lose $700 of hard-earned money, but she also lost valuable time, where if she would have the website, it could have potentially made her money during the 5 months while the project was dragged.

2. Low quality work

Of course, this may not seem as bad as the first point. Low quality work can badly damage your brand or company’s reputation. A poorly designed website can give off the impression that your company does not care about quality, and that your brand is a “cheap” brand. A badly designed website may also chase potential leads away, as it may come across as a “spam” or “scam” website.

A common trait of a low-quality website is that it is usually not mobile responsive. In 2020, a website that is not mobile responsive is that of a primitive website. Google penalizes the rankings of non-responsive websites by lowering it’s Search Engine rankings. So if you are considering doing Search Engine Optimisation, deeply consider this point.

Cheap web design
An example of a badly designed website. Picture by Elegant Themes

3. Slow Service

In order to make up for the low prices, most Cheap Web Design agencies choose quantity over quality. As a result, they have to take up more projects in order to make a living, and by doing so, they have lesser time to each client. You will have to sometimes wait up to a few days, or even weeks to get your message across to your developer. This will definitely cause much frustration to you.

4. Little Customer Support

Like the previous point, after the handover of each project, agencies have to move on fast. If you have any questions after handover, your developer may not be obliged to assist you. This will mean that you will either have to solve your issues yourself or to engage another web designer to assist you with the queries.

By engaging another web developer or agency, this will also mean that you will end up forking out much more than expected. Speaking about “saving” the extra cash.

5. Unsecured websites

This is by far the most important point. If your website stores your customers’ or clients’ data, you will be in trouble if your website gets compromised. It means that you may get into legal issues in the event the data gets leaked.

An unsecured website may also cause unsolicited advertisements to be shown on your website.

HTML & PHP code
A code snippet. Image by Unsplash.


What we mentioned are the most common characteristics of a “Cheap Web Design” Company. As this is merely a summary, the list may go on.

When choosing a web developer, of course, it has to be within your budget. However, we suggest that you do not pinch your pennies when it comes to selecting the right agency to work with. If you choose the wrong agency, most of the time, you may even end up spending much more money than if you were to go for a quality web design agency.

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