How to migrate emails from cPanel to Plesk

How to migrate emails from cPanel to Plesk

Switching hosting providers? Or do you just want to make the switch from cPanel to Plesk for any apparent reasons? Look no further.

Website migration may be a menial and boring task. Migrating emails is not any better. Plesk and cPanel use different file structures, making direct file migration impossible. Fortunately, there is a plugin that addresses that.

The tool makes use of the IMAP protocol, which enables Plesk to download all the emails which are stored on the Source Server.


When logged in to Plesk, ensure that you have installed the Site Importer tool from the Extension store. If you are an end-user, check with your web host.

Click on the desired domain that you want to import the emails. On the tools section, ensure that there is the “Mail Importing” tool.

Gathering the right credentials

Ensure that you have the email and its credentials that you want to port over. Keep on hand the username (email), password and IMAP host.

The IMAP host can be your server’s IP address or hostname. To get these credentials, either contact your web hosting company or follow the steps below.

Getting your IP address

On the source cPanel, locate and find the Zone editor. Locate the domain name and click on the Manage button. Look for your “A” record of the domain name. The server’s IP should be listed there.

Migrating your email

Head back over to the Plesk panel. Click on the Mail Importing tool, then click on “Import Mail Messages”. A popup should appear.

Enter the email and password into the Source email and Source password section.

If you already have a mailbox on Plesk, you can choose to import the emails into an existing mailbox or to create a new Destination email.

Click on the “Show advance options” button. More options will appear as shown.

Enter the IP address or hostname on the Source IMAP host section.

You can now click on Ok.

Wait for the migration tool to work its magic. Once the process is complete, your emails should already be migrated.

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