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We help brands and companies expand their online presense.

We’re a digital solutions agency focusing on helping companies and brands in Singapore build their digital presence. With more than ten years of experience in the field, we strive to fill the demand.

Enchant also helps business leverage the use of software and solutions to automate and improve the efficiency of companies.

Why choose Enchant

Take your business to the next level, with Enchant.

We solve first world problems with first world solutions.

Meticulous attention to details

Tiny details are what matters the most. Coming from a consultant’s perspective, our team will advise our clients about the design aspect of the project.

Experienced team

Experience is crucial to get your project done right and fast. With a combined experience totalling more than 10 years, we are up to any task our clients may give us.


Nobody likes to be cheated. Our industry is littered with companies who overcharge their clients. Enchant eliminates this by being totally transparent of any and every cost, and justifying them.

Efficacy & Efficiency

We strive hard to provide our clients with the most value for their money. By having an efficient SOP, we reduce the working hours and streamlining our processes, giving you the most bang for the buck.


What our clients say

We’re humbled by the support given to us from our clients who gave us the opportunity to help their business thrive. When our clients grow, we grow too.

Let’s create something extraordinary


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