Style by Style Vibes Cafe

Food & Beverage
Project Type
Web Application
Style by Style Vibes

Web Application Development.

A boutique cafe based in Singapore.

The Problem

Automate reservation bookings.

Style by Style Cafe is one of the up and coming cafes in Singapore. To accommodate their many patrons daily, a reservation system needs to be employed to cope with reservations. The system has to be smart, not just a form, but also to validate if the selected table, date and time is available, before allowing the user to make bookings. A refundable deposit can then be made to ensure that bookings will be honoured.

Our Solution

The web application was developed according to their exact needs. Users would first have to fill up their information, date and time of reservation and number of person. They will then be able to choose the table of choice, which is displayed according to the seating layout of the cafe. The timing and tables will only be available for booking if it hasn’t been booked already.

After choosing the table of choice, they will then go onto the confirmation page and make payment using credit cards and a booking confirmation will be sent to the user’s email.