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Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC) Singapore

Increase Sales FAST.

SEM allows you to create targetted ads to specific audiences. You can target users who searched or has interest in the keywords related to your business. Therefore, you only display ads to people who are interested, reducing your overall cost by reducing redundancy.

Your ads are only displayed to your targetted audience. You only pay when someone clicks on your ads.

SEM Service Singapore

What is SEM/PPC?

How does it help your business?What does Enchant do?

SEM or PPC is a term derived where you pay an amount to a search engine like Google to display an advertisement to your website on top of the search results when someone types in a term such as “web design company in Singapore”. A green “AD” is also displayed beside the URL.


Quickly increase sales

Unlike SEO Singapore, SEM is instant. As soon as your Ads are posted, it is immediately searchable when a user keys in a keyword. The user then clicks on your website, into a landing page.


Custom strategies

Every business is different. We have to tailor-make our strategy to fit the needs of your business. We will create intriguing keywords and descriptions for your SEM Campaign, to searchers click on your advertisement.


Analyse and tweak

Google prices and ranks your advertisements based on a number of factors. We work hard to optimise this to get your advertisement on top, maximise the clickthrough rate and lower the campaign price.

Daily Analysis

Our SEO engineers analyse your rankings and website’s statistics to fine-tune our strategy and improve your ranking.

Feature List

Words can’t describe all the features that are included in our websites. Here are some key features that you might like.

High quality content writing
Daily Analysis and monitoring
Daily campaign tweaking
Budget tweaking
Keyword planning & Research

Case Studies

The many clients that trust us.

Singapore Incorporation

One of Singapore’s fastest accountancy firms.

People With Motives

Contemporary and minimalistic design for a portfolio listing website.

Edge Healthcare

We have a selection of over 50 tour programs that range from introductory multi-country itineraries to more regional in-depth options.

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