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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Singapore

Increase Visibility to your

Ranking on the first page of Google allows more visibility to your brand, compared to others who rank lower. Even if someone does not click into your website, you are still leaving an impression on them after scrolling past your website.

By ranking higher in Search Engines, it gives your brand higher credibility and thus giving you a higher chance of closing the deal.

Having a way better Search Engine Ranking by SEO crushes your competitors by ranking higher than them. People usually clicks on websites that rank higher and will not bother to scroll too far down, or even to the 2nd page of Google.


What is SEO?

How does it help your business?What does Enchant do?

Through a deep understanding of our audience’s makeup and motivations, we design digital experiences that connect with people.


Increase Organic Searches

Organic Searches refers to the search results when someone types in a particular keyword, for instance, “Best chicken rice in Singapore”, the website would be near or on the top of the search results below the ads.


Custom strategies

Our consultants understand your business based on your industry and competition. We then create a customised strategy based on your requirements and objectives to produce the best results.


Analyse and tweak

Using Google’s powerful Analytic engine, our team analyse your campaign and fine-tune our strategy to create a better advantage. Google’s search engine algorithms change from time to time. Periodic tweaking of your campaign will mitigate that.

On-site SEO

We use different methodologies to improve your on-site SEO such as optimised contents, are written by our content writers.

High-quality content creation
Meta tags
Heading tags
Keyword optimisation


We use high-authority and quality backlinks to generate more search engine exposure for to your website.

Daily Analysis

Our SEO engineers analyse your rankings and website’s statistics to fine-tune our strategy and improve your ranking.

Feature List

Words can’t describe all the features that are included in our websites. Here are some key features that you might like.

High quality content writing
Daily SEO Analysis
High quality backlinks
Diversified backlinks
Keyword planning & Research

Website Speed Optimisation
Onsite SEO
…Many More

Case Studies

The many clients that trusts us.

Singapore Incorporation

One of Singapore’s fastest accountancy firms.

People With Motives

Contemporary and minimalistic design for a portfolio listing website.

Edge Healthcare

One of Singapore’s top Physioterapy and Osteopathy Clinic.

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