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COVID-19 Promotion

E-Commerce Website Design only for $1,800 Nett.

Digitalise your business with an E-Commerce Website.

E-Commerce is rapidly taking over the world in retail. Given the current Covid-19 Situation, many have turned to Ecommerce to shop. With just a few taps, customers are able to purchase any item, and have it delivered to their doorstep.


Singapore, we are there for you.

Being a homegrown SME, Enchant understands the situation in Singapore now. Cashflow are tight, and the market is extremely quiet. To do our part to help the local SME community, we are offering E-Commerce Web Design at only $1,800.

We understand that consumers are shifting to E-Commerce platforms rapidly, and that you should start digitalising now.



Website ready in two weeks

We understand the urgency. Time is of the essense, the quicker your website is developed, the sooner you can continue operations digitally.


Creative and Beautiful Designs

We constantly update ourselves with the latest design trends to keep your website looking fresh and modern.


Great Customer Service

We are only one WhatsApp away. Literally. Despite working from home, our developers work closely with our clients at all time.


Our websites are mobile responsive allowing users of different device screen size to view your website

High Conversion

We build websites that give a lasting impression. Our websites are built to turn your visitors into actual leads.

Speedy Websites

Our websites are optimised to load fast. A slow website chases your potential lead away. Our web servers uses SSD storage only

Product Management

Manage your products with ease. Add variations such as Size, colours etc.

Inventory Management

Manage and update your stocks. Get notified when an item is running out of stock


Run promotions and create coupon codes. A versatile sale management system to customise different types of sale.

Blog Enabled

Our websites comes with optional Blog integration.

Contact Form and Live Chat

The website comes with Contact Forms and a Live chat feature for you to easily communicate with your customers.

Advance Analytics

Track your sales and find out exactly what every visitor is up to, their preferences and demographics.

  • One-Time Payment of S$1,800
  • Free Web Hosting 1 Year
  • Unlimited Products Data entry up to 20 products
  • Website Ready In 14 Working Days
  • Business Email Address Up to 10 emails
  • Revisions Up to 2 revisions
  • Handover training Up to 2 hours
  • One-Time Payment of S$2,200
  • Free Web Hosting 1 Year
  • Unlimited Products Data entry up to 40 products
  • Website Ready In 14 Working Days
  • Business Email Address Up to 10 emails
  • Revisions Up to 2 revisions
  • Multicurrency Up to 2 Currency
  • Website Speed TURBO+ Speed up your website up to 200%
  • CloudFlare Integration Basic
  • Handover training Up to 2 hours

Content Management System.

Manage your website with a Content Mangement System such as WordPress. Change your text content, add a new picture, add a new blog post, change a page’s layout. The sky’s the limit. Make your website truly yours.

Create a website that makes an Impact and bring you leads

At Enchant, we are not just like every other web developers in the market. We create websites for our client that leaves an impression and be useful for our clients.

How can Enchant’s Website help me?

  1. SEO Friendly – SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a type of Digital Marketing that increases your website’s position on major Search Engines. Our websites are optimised in such a way that it is crawled easily. Want to increase traffic to your website? Click here.
  2. Attractive design – We use the latest design methodologies to keep your website modern looking and responsive. We take pride in our years of experience and the many awards that we clinched.
  3. UI/UX centered – User experience is key to building your potential leads’ trust and ensuring that they know how to navigate around your website.
  4. Fast loading speeds – Your customers visits your website with a goal in mind. To get something. They are not going to wait for a slow loading website.
  5. In-depth professional Analytics – We integrate Google Analytics on every website we create. Track your visitors’ demographics and statistics to find room for improvements on your business.

About Enchant

Enchant is an Award Winning, Singapore based Web Development & Digital Marketing firm. We are a team of 10 highly experienced developers and marketers in the line for more than a total of 20 combined years.

Having been in the market for close to 3 years, Enchant Group of Companies has served more than 500 clients and over 20 MNCs in Singapore and in the Asia Pacific region.

Case Studies

The many clients that trust us.

View more portfolio

NAX Instruments

Singapore’s top test equipment distributer.

People With Motives

Contemporary and minimalistic design for a portfolio listing website.

Edge Healthcare

One of Singapore’s top Physioterapy and Osteopathy Clinic.

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Disclaimer: We respect your privacy and do not tolerate spam and will never sell, rent, lease or give away personal information to any third party. All personal data shall strictly be kept within the company.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. The promotion is for Singapore Registered companies and businesses only.
  2. This promotion does not have a end-date for the forseeable future.
  3. The price is subjected to additional cost in the event the client has an additional feature that they want to implement.
  4. We are not GST registered. the total price is nett and are not subjected to GST.
  5. During development, the website shall be hosted on our servers and will only be handed over to the client after handover.
  6. The client may request that the website be migrated to their own hosting servers. We will provide the files and instructions to install the website on their hosting servers.
  7. After the completion of the website, Enchant provides up to 2 months of free dedicated support.
  8. We will not be responsible for any damages after handover of the website.
  9. This promotional package does not include the full fledged Search Engine Optimisation Services. Visit this link to learn more about SEO.
  10. During development, we provide up to 2 free revisions of the website. Subsequent revisions or revisions after handover may be chargeable.
  11. The client has to provide us with the contents for the website. We will also be able to provide the curation of contents per the client’s request. This may incur additional charges.
  12. We will not be liable of any delays caused by the client such as providing us with the content or decision making.
  13. Delays incurred by the client which extends outside the development timeline may incur additional charges.