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Email Blasting Software

Send directed email blast.

We open our email blasting software to all existing Enchant and SledgeWerkz clients for now. Claim yours now.

Our system enabled you to customise your campaigns and emails with ease and send them out within no time. Set a sending interval and more. Request for a free demo to learn more about our system.

According to major research, people tend to open an email that is directed to their name, instead of a generic greeting. With our system, our smart system will automatically send emails that are customised and directed to a recipient’s name based on the email database.

Email blasting software singapore

Create better campaigns now.

Use our email blasting system to mass send emails. Using an email database to create cold leads, or using a database of hot leads or previous clients to promote your product or services.

Stop using your generic email client like Outlook or Gmail to send inefficient and undirected emails. Manually entering emails are now a thing of the past.


Your database, or ours.

You can load your own email database in CSV or another relevant format, or purchase an email database from us.


Fully Customised campaign

Fully customise your campaigns to your likings. Use our shortcode system to direct your emails, use our WYSIWYG editor to add some formatting, import an EDM, or even send a HTML email for better styling.


Send unlimited emails

Send as many emails as you want. Your choice. Enter your email login details and start sending. Our powerful system allows you to set intervals between each mail, and even set groups to allow for more efficient sending.

Automatically send emails, directly from a CSV file

Send an email from an email database in a CSV or excel format. It may have as many columns as you’d like.

Directed Emails, shortcode enabled

We built a shortcode system to allow you to customise and direct your emails further. Using a shortcode, you may direct an email to whoever you’d like by declaring the column title.

To address someone, simply enter “Dear [Rep_name]” and the column title will then be automatically replaced by the name of your recipient.

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HTML Emails

Send beautiful emails instead of plain text emails to attract your readers. An HTML email is more effective than an image EDM as images will not load until the user downloads it.

HTML emails are mobile friendly too, adjusting it’s layout depending on the user’s screen size to enable easier reading.

Read Receipts

Track your campaign’s performance by viewing the read receipts of your readers.

Feature List

Words can’t describe all the features that are included in our websites. Here are some key features that you might like.

Dashboard with realtime statistics
Create multiple campaigns
Blast Unlimited Emails
Set blast interval
Blast Read Receipts

Send with your own emails
Secured email sending
Load from CSV, Excel
HTML emails
Customised EDM
File attachment
… many more

Start sending smarter emails now. Contact us for a non-obligatory trial and demo.

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