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Targeted marketing for your

Our database is constantly checked to ensure that all emails are active and usable. New and verified emails are also constantly added to our database.

We customise all campaigns for different business needs. Be it a subscription-based email marketing campaign, or a cold lead generation campaign, we are able to do it for you.

Why email marketing?

Whether it is to get new leads, or to keep your existing clients in to loop of new services or promotions, email marketing remains as one way to increase sale.


Very Affordable and highest ROI

Email marketing is known to be very effective and is one of the most effective way of marketing. Every email will address the receiver of the email, giving the personal touch. Research has shown that people tend to open emails that are addressed directly to the receiver.

We have thousands of active emails in our database belonging to a wide range of business owners and decision-making executives.

For example, you were to purchase 500,000 emails for blasting, out of figure, 5% opens and clicks into your landing page. Out of 25,000 opens, 1% makes an enquiry which gives a figure of 250 enquiries.


Fresh and verified leads

Our database is constantly tested, to ensure that they are active.


Personally directed and tracked

Each and every email is targeted at your specified audience, down to their names and designation. Personalising your emails with directed names increases the click-through rates, increasing the chance of a sale.

Every email is tracked to measure conversion rate.


Beautiful and convincing emails

With attractive HTML-based email templates and convincing copywriting, users won’t just see a plain old email. This increase the chances of readers converting into your customers.

Feature List

Words can’t describe all the features that are included in our websites. Here are some key features that you might like.

Leads from different industry
Leads from a different company scale
Regular database quality checks

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