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Singapore Incorporation

One of Singapore's fastest growing accountancy firm

May 7, 2019

The project

“Keep it straight to the point and eye catching.”

Singapore Incorporation reached out to us to come up with a solution to automate their processes and increase leads and sales.

The website

The website was developed to be eye-catching and direct. The WordPress CMS was integrated for easy maintenance.

Training & Consultancy

The company reached out to us to modernise their website and implement technologies to increase work efficiency. Our team understood their needs and provided assistance to address their needs.

Training were conducted to implement the use of technologies to automate and improve the efficiency of their processes, allowing them to  take in more clients.

Accounting System

Previously, they were using Excel and other legacy systems for accounting. Invoices were issued using Excel and accounting had to be done manually. After implementing Enchant’s Accounting Suite, their entire accounting process was streamlined to this one application, saving much time and increasing efficiency.

Email Marketing

Using Enchant’s Email Marketing service, we created a promotional campaign that was blasted to many businesses in Singapore. The campaign was tracked for conversions and read receipts was implemented to analyse the success of the campaign.

Hosting Servers

Using Enchant’s fast web hosting, we host all of Singapore Incorporation’s online applications including their websites and web applications.