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The Alternate Catalogue

A story-based web application game.

April 12, 2019

The project

“A simple point & click game.”

The Alternate Catalogue is a website feature a point and click game. The purpose of the game is to bring fresh perspective to their audiences by allowing them to explore the given “scene”. The user can then click on any spot of the game, if it contains a meaning, a story or a video will appear. Upon exploring the entire scene, a final video is shown to summarise the story.

Our Solution

The web application was developed in approximately 25 days. The speedy development was the result of our efficient team. Advance wireframing techniques was used to understand our client’s needs and it was quickly conveyed into a markup (HTML) design. Due to the unique nature of the application, our team had to develop the system from the ground up.

The point and click interface was implemented. The design inherits a grey and white colour scheme and a rather simple and minimalist interface. Below are some screenshots of the back-end.

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