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The Milelion

Website rejuvenation with server configuration and content migration.

October 11, 2020

The project

“Website Design and Development”

The Milelion is a blog-community focusing on the travel niche. They specialise in educating their readers on the best ways to gain credit card mile points, so that they can travel for less.

The website has a following of more than 7000 subscribers with about thousands of views daily.

Our Solution

The Milelion reached out to us as their previous website was riddled with issues. They also wanted to give their readers a better viewing experience with a brand new design and faster load times.

Our idea was clear: To develop a new website from the ground up, while migrating each and every article from the old website. Apart from web development, we will also configure and deploy the new website on the Cloud.

WordPress was chosen as the Content Management System.

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Custom WordPress plugin development

To facilitate the comparison of the different credit card deals, a comparison system was developed for the client.

The concept was to lay-out each credit card in a box, with an overall summary on the first page of the box. Upon clicking the “More info” button, the box will flip revealing more information about the credit card.

Custom developed wordpress plugin


To cater to the high traffic numbers, a robust website server infrastructure has to be customised to fit the needs of the client.

Our engineers customised and deployed the website on a cloud server platform that is capable of handling traffic spikes and DDoS attacks.

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) has also been put in place to accelerate content delivery.