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Bring the best out of your company by leveraging technologies that automate, improves efficiency and increases sales.

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Improve Efficiency
Implement solutions that improve your business efficiency.
Improve Productivity
We implement streamlined processes which frees up time.
Competitive Edge
Beat your competition by being faster and better.
Save Costs
With cloud-based tools, you will cut down on many costs such as manpower, office supplies, electricity and more.

Maximise your company's potential by digitising & digitalising.

Don’t know where to start? We are here to save the day!

Impeccable service
Impeccable service
We are known as a company that genuinely cares about its clients and their needs. What about after-sales? No problem, you are still our client.
Fair and reasonable prices
Fair and reasonable prices
While we provide great service and quality, our prices are fair and reasonable in accordance with our scope.
We hear you
We hear you
Before starting every project, a project manager will be assigned to you. They will listen to your every need and advise accordingly.

Introducing CTO-as-a-service

Levarage on our vast network and experience to mature digitally in the highly connected world.

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Leverage on the benefits of having a full-fledge CTO at your disposal, without the exorbitant cost of hiring one.
We integrate into your team to spearhead your company to digital success.
We create unique strategies that suite your business, while remaining relevant.

What is the difference between Digitisation v.s. Digitalisation?

Both are similar, but with different meanings. Digitalisation cannot occur without Digitisation.

To put things simply, digitisation is the act of converting analogue data into digital format.

For example, a more traditional business may be using carbon paper invoices. After digitising, they convert their hard-copy invoices into digital format, where they can edit and view them on their favourite accounting software.

It deals with information.

Digitalisation is the act of using technologies to impact our way of life and to improve efficiency.

For example, a more traditional business may be using carbon paper invoices. By digitalising, they simply use a software to issue invoices instead, saving paper and time.

It deals with processes and systems.

Three steps to a modern and efficient company.

The entire process.


Convert analogue to a digital format by leveraging on tools.


Streamline business and operational processes with the help of IT systems and applications.

Digital Transformation

The last step in modernising your business is changing your company's culture and how it runs by levering on technologies.

Ourholistic approach to
Transform your business.

The keys to success with Digital Transformation.

1. Consulting

Establish an online presence for your company with a Corporate Website.
Analyze where you stand
Professional Technology Advisor
Identify issues
Identifying pain points of your business

2. Digitisation

Convert analogue data into digital form using a collection of hardware and software.
Implementing systems and processes
Supply and Provision of smart hardware systems
System Integration
Optical Image Recognition (OCR)
AI-enabled image detection and classification
Document AI - Read, classify, understand and sort documents

3. Digitalisation

Implementation of Smart technologies that help automate and increase the productivity of businesses.
Custom Software Development
System Integration
Software Engineering
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4. Digital Transformation

Educate and train your employees to leverage the implemented technologies, to make your business run more efficiently.
Implement business processes
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Who is this for

We support any organisation of any scale.

Integrate technologies at the foundations for accelerated growth.
Small-Medium Enterprises
Integrate technologies to improve efficiency and remain relevant.
Enterprise & Government Agencies
Supporting your agency in implementing technologies.

Introducing The Enchant Experience.

Through many years of experience, we found the key to maintaining great customer service, quality services and competitive prices. This is what we call, The Enchant Experience. We make up only a handful of companies that are able to offer the best of three worlds.


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Software Engineering
Website Design & Development
Mobile Application Development
Web Application Development
Embedded Technologies
IoT System Integration
Server Management
Headhunting & Recruitment
Artificial Intelligence System Integration
Cloud Solutions
Technology Strategy and execution
Data Mining
Web Crawling & Scraping
... Many more

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