Search Engine Marketing

Display ads to people who are interested, reducing your overall cost by reducing redundancy.

Get in Touch
Every client or brand will have a unique marketing strategy.
Monthly Reporting
A monthly report will be generated for every project.
Fast Results
SEM instantly increases qualified traffic to your website.
Dedicated project manager
A project manager will be assigned to work and manage your project.

Increasing sales and conversions with Search Engine Marketing.

Unlike Search Engine Optimisation, SEM is instant. As soon as your Ads are posted, it is immediately searchable when a user keys in a keyword. The user then clicks on your website, into a landing page.

Impeccable service
Impeccable service
We are known as a company that genuinely cares about its clients and their needs. What about after-sales? No problem, you are still our client.
Fair and reasonable prices
Fair and reasonable prices
While we provide great service and quality, our prices are fair and reasonable in accordance with our scope.
We hear you
We hear you
Before starting every project, a project manager will be assigned to you. They will listen to your every need and advise accordingly.

How can Search Engine Marketing help my business?

SEM or PPC is a term derived where you pay an amount to a search engine like Google to display an advertisement to your website on top of the search results when someone types in a term such as “web design company in Singapore”. A green “AD” is also displayed beside the URL.
Increase in Traffic
Instant results
Increase in sales
Cost effective

What sets you apart from other agencies?

At Enchant, impeccable customer service is first and foremost. Every client has different needs and that is why we have a team of expert project consultants managing your project. At the very first meeting together with a lead, we will also hear them out, learning the business inside out. We will then curate a proposal that is unique to the client.

As a digital transformation company, our proposals don’t just end at what the client wants. We go beyond the call of duty, educating our clients of other solutions that we deem suitable for the client.

Introducing The Enchant Experience.

Through many years of experience, we found the key to maintaining great customer service, quality services and competitive prices. This is what we call, The Enchant Experience. We make up only a handful of companies that are able to offer the best of three worlds.


Projects Completed


Satisfaction Guaranteed




Years of experience

Sit back, and enjoy the process.

The Search Engine Marketing Process


Our project managers and developers will discuss a strategy with you, and explain the whole process.

Set up

A campaign plan will be created together with setting up your Google Ads.

Review & Tweak

Your dedicated project manager will monitor ad performance daily while tweaking it for optimal performance.

Monthly Review

A monthly meeting, as well as a report, will be created to ensure transparency and to keep our clients updated and informed.


Our Partners

We collaborate with some of the largest brands and companies to give our clients the best.

Questions? Check these answers out.

SEO is more of a long-term thing where results generally take some time to be visible. On the other hand, SEM works by paying Google “Advertisement fees” and getting ranked higher up. You can start and stop as and when you like. The results are almost instant.

However, in the long run, SEM may be more expensive.

There is no specific cost as to how much you would spend for SEM. It is all about how much you are willing to spend. The more you spend, the better the results. However, that is only true to a certain extent the results of SEM actually depends on other factors as well, such as quality of content, clickthrough rates, etc. It sounds complicated, that is why we exist – Our job is to optimise your content, increase clickthrough rates as well as optimising your budget for the best Return of Investment.

Still have questions?

Reach out to us and we’ll respond to your every query.