Website Crawling & Scraping

Harvest data from any website in large quantity, in short amounts of time, and most importantly, it is 100% automatic.

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The scraping process is automated, reducing the chances of human error to literally zero.
Gather Structured Data
Scrapped or crawled data is stored in a human-readable format such as CSV, Excel, JSON, or whatever you want.
The whole process from scrapping, to data manipulation to sorting is fully automated without the need for human interference.
Customised exactly to your needs
Everything is built to your requirements. Literally, everything is possible.

Grow your business using data.

Web scraping is the process of extracting specific data from a large data source, such as an eCommerce website, Social Media and many more. Automate the process with a 100% success rate.

Impeccable service
Impeccable service
We are known as a company that genuinely cares about its clients and their needs. What about after-sales? No problem, you are still our client.
Fair and reasonable prices
Fair and reasonable prices
While we provide great service and quality, our prices are fair and reasonable in accordance with our scope.
We hear you
We hear you
Before starting every project, a project manager will be assigned to you. They will listen to your every need and advise accordingly.

Applications of Web Scraping and crawling

E-Commerce & Directories
Scrap eCommerce and directory websites with ease. Gather data such as product name, description, images, prices and more.
Airline Prices
Get airline prices according to destination, dates and many other factors.
Market Research
Gather vital information about your competitors and use them to your advantage.
Social Media
Automatically gather information from social media from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.
Automate your recruitment process by gathering data such as salary, potential candidates, job listing, and even Linkedin.
Unlimited Possibilities
You are not limited by these ideas, get in touch with us to discuss other possibilities!

Benefits of web scraping

Automate the manual process of data entry with the help of web scraping. Rely on bots, which are built to be 100% reliable, fast and flexible.
Cost effective
Unbeatable reliability and speed
Fully automated
No learning curve
Customised to your exact needs
Proxy rotator


Output in many formats: API, JSON, Excel and others.
Scrap any kind of datatype: text, images, lists, files, images and many more
Anti Anti-spam: Bypass captchas and other preventive measures
Software or Web interface
Store images or other files in offshore storage like AWS S3

Two different ways to retrieve your data

Choose between real-time access, or export your data to a file medium.

API Access

Access the scraped data via real-time API.

Real time access
Access your data in real time.
Integrate with virtually anything
Integrate with mobile apps, websites, eCommerce websites and many more.

Export to mediums

Export scraped data to popular formats such as Excel, CSV, TXT, HTML, PDF, JSON and many more.

Download your files in demand, or automatically

Introducing The Enchant Experience.

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Sit back, and enjoy the process.

The web scraping process.


Our project managers and developers will discuss a strategy with you, and explain the whole process.


Your website is underway! Our developers work tirelessly round the clock, ensuring quality and satisfaction.


We conduct multiple rounds of revisions to ensure that the scraper is built according to what you want.


Upon completion, our project managers will arrange a handover meeting with you, going through maintenance and deployment.


Our Partners

We collaborate with some of the largest brands and companies to give our clients the best.

Questions? Check these answers out.

The development time for web scrapers depends on the type of data, amount of data and also the complexity of the scraper. Other factors such as the implementation of anti-spam on the target website will also impact the development time.

This depends on many factors, like the ones mentioned in the previous question. We do have many models and pricing plans such as monthly, or a one-off fee.

This will depend on many factors such as the speed of the target website, the types of data needed to be scraped, and also if the target website implements anti-spam features.

This will really depend on the type of document needed. Please get in touch with us for a free consultation.

There isn’t a law in Singapore that prohibits web scraping. However, you may need to check out the Terms of use of the target website to make sure that you do not breach any of the terms. There may be copyright issues related to copying images and other intellectual property. If you are unsure, get in touch with us or your lawyer for better legal advice.

Still have questions?

Reach out to us and we’ll respond to your every query.