Website Maintenance

Keep your website updated and secure with our website maintenance solution. Leave the work to us and focus on your business.

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Cost Effective
Maintaining a website doesn’t have to break the bank.
We handle mundane and difficult tasks such as backing up your website.
We keep your website updated while keeping it secure.
Performance Optimisation
Your website will be tuned for high performance and speed.

Take care of your business while we take care of your website.

We’ll take care of your websites such as technical maintenance, backups, security scans, updating of content and layout, and technical support.

Impeccable service
Impeccable service
We are known as a company that genuinely cares about its clients and their needs. What about after-sales? No problem, you are still our client.
Fair and reasonable prices
Fair and reasonable prices
While we provide great service and quality, our prices are fair and reasonable in accordance with our scope.
We hear you
We hear you
Before starting every project, a project manager will be assigned to you. They will listen to your every need and advise accordingly.

Why do you need Website Maintenance?

From Small Business to large corporate websites, we are there for you.

Saves time
Doing everything yourself is time-consuming. Mundane and manual tasks such as backups, creation of new pages and security can take hours to days of your precious time
Saves money
Rather than redeveloping a website, it can sometimes be cheaper to just make changes to it.
No more headaches
Maintaining a website may be too technical for some people without technical experience.

Types of websites covered

We provide website maintenance services for many types of websites.
CMS Websites (WordPress, Shopify, etc)
Static websites
Web Applications

What is included in our package

Frequent off-site backups
Security Patches
Theme & Plugin updates
Search Engine Optimisation update
24-hour security monitoring
Adding, removing and modifying of Website contents
Support over phone, WhatsApp or email
Great customer service

What is not included

Redesign of entire website
Massive changes
Content creation
Video editing

Introducing The Enchant Experience.

Through many years of experience, we found the key to maintaining great customer service, quality services and competitive prices. This is what we call, The Enchant Experience. We make up only a handful of companies that are able to offer the best of three worlds.


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Years of experience

Sit back, and enjoy the process.

3 steps to starting a web maintenance project

Choose a Plan

Choose a suitable plan that works best for you


Our project managers and developers will discuss a strategy with you, and explain the whole process.


After payment is made, we will start right away!


Our Partners

We collaborate with some of the largest brands and companies to give our clients the best.

Questions? Check these answers out.

We offer both Adhoc and monthly plans.

We have different packages available for different needs. To serve you better, please get in touch with us for pricing information.

We offer other services such as content creation, copywriting, photography and videography. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Social Media management is not included in our web maintenance package. However, if you like, we do have a separate service.

Still have questions?

Reach out to us and we’ll respond to your every query.