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With over 20+ years of combined experience, we help our clients with our skills and strategies of integrating technologies to increase profitability and productivity. We also develop solutions to help automate the processes.


Web Design & Development

Web Design Fundamentals

Learn what is HTML, CSS and Javascript. Create a basic website after attending this class.

Advance Web Design

Gain deeper insights into web development. Develop a wireframe, followed by marking up your website using HTML and CSS. Give your website life by adding Javascript.

WordPress Development

Develop a website using the popular WordPress CMS. Build your website with ease using a WordPress Theme and learn how to manage it.

E-Commerce Website Development

Build an Ecommerce website using only WordPress and WooCommerce. Sell many products and link it up to a credit card processor and start making money.

Web Application Development with Python Flask

Give functionalities to your website by making it dynamic. Use a database to store data and Flask as a web server.

Web Application Development with PHP

Develop a web application with PHP, one of the most common backend language out there.

Programming & Software Development

Programming Fundamentals

Learn how to code and create a simple program. By the end of the course, you will know what is an if-else statement, loops, methods and classes.

Software Development

Develop software to solve a problem using C#, an easy to use and widely used language.

Programming with Python

Python is a very useful language. It is easy to learn and very powerful. Learn data science, create a web application or build an AI bot. All with Python.

Deeper with Python Programming

Internet of Things (IoT)

Iot connects devices together to serve a function. Gather data or automate your life, whatever it is, implement IoT to create an interconnected network of devices.

Data Science

Data science is a useful skill to possess. Gather big data and make sense out of it. Visualise it by creating interactive graphs and improve your business with the data.

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Generate more organic website visit by doing SEO. Learn the entire process and tips and insights to boost your website’s position on major search engines.

Search Engine Marketing

Increase your website’s visit by SEM. Learn how to write intriguing advertisements and tweak your Google Ads campaign to get the most visit for less money.

Email Marketing

Learn how to create an EDM (Electronic Direct Mailer) and write intriguing content to captivate your recipients. Use our email blaster to send customised emails.

Social Media Marketing

A great tool if you are reaching out to consumers. Learn how to create a captivating campaign and launch your ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Who is this for?

Our training and courses are targeted at a wide array of purposes ranging for corporate training, personal coaching, school CCAs many others. Contact us today to learn more about our courses.

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